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Play Pick-4 And Win The Jackpot

     If you have been playing the lottery for years now and you still haven’t won the jackpot, you can try your luck by playing Pick-4. It is a lottery game that you can play in several different ways. Bets are placed at 50 cents and $1.00. All you have to do is buy a ticket at a lottery retailer and fill it out with the appropriate details.

Filling Out The Lottery Ticket

Once you get the ticket, start marking your four lucky numbers, from 0 to 9, in the same play area. Your chosen numbers can be played up to fourteen consecutive times. However, you of course have to mark the number of drawings that you wish to play. If you would like to choose random numbers, mark “Quick Pick” on your lotto ticket and the computer will automatically pick random numbers for you. There are three main ways to play Pick-4 and you can choose one that you think will work best for you.

Exact Order

The option wherein you can win the game by matching your chosen numbers in the exact order that the numbers are drawn is called Straight play. You can only win this play if, for example, the drawn numbers are 6789 and your number combination is also 6789.

Any Order

If you want to win the game by matching your numbers in any order, you should pick Box play. There are four ways that you can play box play and they are 4-way, 6-way, 12-way, and 24-way. In 4-way, the numbers you pick should contain three numbers that are the same, like 7771, 0555, and 9888. In 6-way, the numbers you select should have two sets of the same numbers, like 5500, 1144, and 3388. In 12-way, the numbers you choose should have one set of the same numbers and one set of two different numbers, like 7662, 3367, and 5299. In 24-way, the winning lottery numbers are all different from one another, like 5678.

Exact Order And Any Order

If you would like to play both “Straight” and “Box” in the same play, choose the Straight/Box option. It is a combination of the two plays, and the wager for the Straight/Box option is $1.00.

Drawing Time

Pick-4 games are held twice daily, so you need to pick a drawing time that you want to play when you purchase your ticket. If you want to play the game in midday then mark MIDDAY or DAY on your ticket. If you want to play it at night then mark EVENING or EVE on your ticket. If you wish to play both schedules, mark BOTH. Take note that if you do not mark a schedule, then you will automatically play during the next drawing that transpires. The last option on the ticket is to play the game on a different day. If you wish to do this, then mark the ADVANCE DAY box on your ticket.

Choosing The Numbers

If you have difficulties choosing four numbers, you can choose to have your birth date as your number combination. You may also choose memorable or important dates. You need to remember though that relying on luck alone will not guarantee that you will win any money. You should at least try to think of or find a strategy that will elevate your chances of winning.

A Strategy That Works

There are strategies for Pick-4 that you can find on the web but not all of them will actually work. You should be wary of websites that say, for instance, “Guaranteed Pick-4 wins with 15 number combinations” because this is not always true. What you can do is tally the number combinations that were drawn in the past 30 days and pick the numbers that came out the most often.

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